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Velkommen her til vores slægts-informa-tions-center.  Vi er altid på udkig efter mere af vores slægts-historie, så e-mail til mig.

Point of interests

Trip to Utah for the Niels Nielsen reunion now a year away.

Worldwide reunion set for 2008.  Please advise if you would like to help and attend.

email addresses now available through Bjerregaard Worldwide.  See the "email" link at the top of the page.




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Date: 15 May 2008

Time: 12:06:00

Remote User: Eric Bjerregaard


Shon the farm called my Grandfather wrote in the book Beth posted was located near Aalborg. Any relationship mar have occured during that time period. my Grandfather Ove, told me that original farm outside Copenhagen was also called Bjerregaard.

Eric Bjerregaard  boondoxtropicals@yahoo.com



Date: 15 May 2008

Time: 23:39:00

Remote User: Eric Bjerregaard


My grandfother thought that Edward Cordes was descended from Hernando Cortes, the man who invaded Mexico on behalf of Spain. Does anyone know if this is correct? I'm Beth's brother.

Eric Bjerregaard  boondoxtropicals@yahoo.com


Date: 23 January 2008

Time: 20:37:00

Remote User: Hans Peter Mogensen


I am looking for information on my uncle Hans Andreas Bjerregaard Lillilund, born 19 Jun 1918, died 1998 in Hjorring. He married my mother's sister Elisabeth Jensen on 27 May 1945 and had 2 daughters Hanna Elisabeth Bjerregaard Lillilund and Inger Kirstine Bjerregaard Lillilund. It is believed that his mother was a Bjerregaard

Hans Peter Mogensen  hpmogensen@worldpost.ca


Date: 19 September 2007

Time: 21:13:00

Remote User: Mike Byergo


My name is Mike Byergo and I found your wonderful website, I have lots of old Byergo pictures that would be of interest to your site, contact me if interested. My grandfather is John Neilson Byergo. And am the Son of Robert Byergo.

Mike Byergo  mikebyergo@abac.com


Date: 7 June 2007

Time: 08:43:00

Remote User: Neil Haldrup


I searched Haldrup, the name of my family, and found a name with a link to your family possibly. Do you know if any Haldrups from Denmark are related to you line? My family has ties tot he same area in Denmark and the farms Birkegaard and Haldrupgaard. My grandparents came to the USA in the 1920's. You have done a great deal of research and gathered some very interesting information for your family. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Neil Haldrup  nkhladrup@comcast.net


Date: 22 January 2007

Time: 18:26:00

Remote User: Shirley Stevenson


My name is Shirley (Haugsted) Stevenson. I’m looking for information on my ancestors, the Haugsteds, they came from Denmark.  I’m not sure who else I’d be related to. Can you help me. What ship were they on to come to the States? What year?  I know one of the relatives names is Nielson or Nelson.

I’d appreciate any information.

Thank you’  Shirley Stevenson western1@iowatelecom.net




Date: 10 January 2007

Time: 13:15:42

Remote User: Burke W. Mattsson


Dear Mr. Bjerregaard: I was looking up any information I could find on Henry Allen Beal on Google this morning when your website was listed with the name of Annie K. Bjerregaard. Annie, the second wife of Henry Allen Beal, was my great-grandmother. I was so surprised to see your website with all the information on the Bjerregaard (or Byergo) family. The only information I have is in the book my father gave me entitled, "Henry Allen Beal, A Sanpete Valley Pioneer." One of their daughters was Elinora Christena Beal, who married my grandfather, Carl Albert Mattsson. Thank you so much for all the work you have done on your family, and for sharing the information on your website.  Sincerely,  Burke W. Mattsson  BurkeWMatt@aol.com



Date: 27 June 2006

Time: 17:29:32

Remote User: Karin Wendt


Hej Shon.It's a great webpage. I have just found this web. My name is Karin Wendt,age 45. I'm dauther of Flemming Lind Bjerregaard Sørensen. His mother was Kristine Bjerregaard. She was born on "Bjerregaard". I'm been told that she was a littlesister to Niels, Søren and Morten Bjerregaard. I am looking forward to the July 2. Best regards Karin Wendt



Date: 13 June 2006

Time: 09:18:14

Remote User: Steen Bjerggaard


Hej Shon It's a great webpage you have maid including a lot of info about our family. I'm the brother to Karen Elisabeth Bjerggaard and I'm 60 years old. We are from the Niels Nielsen Bierregaard and Anne Magrethe Pedersdatter branch. Our line is Andreas-Niels Christian-Andreas-Niels Christian-Niels-Niels. I'm looking forward to meat you and other relatives on July 2 at the Bjerregaard estate in Denmark. Best regards, Steen Bjerggaard


Date: 26 May 2006

Time: 17:38:32

Remote User: Diana L. Holly


My Name is Diana L. Holley, I am the Daughter of Fannie Shannon Bjerregaard (Shand Allen Bjerregarrd, son of Fergus), I am looking for family history for the Bjerregaard line. Please contact me! This is a GREAT SITE!! Thanks!!!


Date: 2 Jan 2006

Time: 10:25:02

Remote User: Pamela Sessions


Wonderful site, Shon. Though I am not descended from your Bjerggaard line, I do admire the dedication shown to your Danish ancestors. Some of my Danish people lived in Aalborg (Friederich BROCKMAN 1833-1903) so I'm learning from your site. Best to your whole clan. Pam


Date: 15 Sep 2005

Time: 06:26:20

Remote User: Christian Andersen Bjerregaard


Hi, Bet you didn't know there are South African Bjerregaard's! My father Axel Andersen Bjerregaard came to South Africa 1952 from Randers. His father was Christian Andersen Bjerregaard who was born in Vester Svenstrup, near Aalborg. Greetings! Christian


Date: 27 Jun 2005

Time: 22:26:20

Remote User: Sarah Dyreng


Hi, my name is Sarah Dyreng. My mom, Ann Bjerregaard Dyreng, is the great, great, granddaughter of Andrew Bjerregaard (so I guess that would make me the great, great, great granddaughter of Andrew Bjerregaard). This is the coolest website ever! Thank you for creating this website. I really have enjoyed reading the information about my family.


Date: 21 Jan 2005

Time: 10:36:56

Remote User: helle sonberg


hvis du er interesseret i flere oplysninger om familien haugsted i danmark er du meget velkommen til at kontagte mig, da jeg selv er forlovet med henrik haugsted, og vi har bla. den originale ane tavle liggende og har oplysninger om næsten samtlige haugsted'er i haenriks familie


Date: 21 Jan 2005

Time: 10:26:06

Remote User: Unknown


We have our own webpage.  How great is that.  Thank you every one for all of the work that you have done.  I especially like the fact that you have pictures of the farm in Denmark.  Well the personal stories about ancestors are good to.


Date: 08 Dec 2004

Time: 16:12:16

Remote User: Poul Bjerregaard


jeg hedder peter poul bjerregaard!!


Date: 30 Sep 2004

Time: 18:08:04

Remote User: Cindee Byergo


Hello Cousins, this is Cindee Byergo Wilson. my father is Devere Byergo, Grandfather is Glenn Byergo and Great grandfather is Enoch Byergo. My dad has been very busy doing the genealogy and has got me hook on it too. if you want to know anything about the family just get ahold of him. would love to meet you all in Denmark, wouldn't that be a wonderful trip!


Date: 13 Sep 2004

Time: 10:23:22

Remote User: Gloria Bjerregaard


As I've watched the progress of this website thru the yrs. I'm just amazed at my Son, Shon, as he's created it. He's never had a class in computers, all of this is self taught. When I have nervous break downs with my computer, I try and keep that in mind, reminding myself, "If Shon can do it you can do it" and that usually from past history, doesn't help but it keeps me hoping. I'm proud of all you are and what you've created for all of us Bjerregaards Shon. Thank You from my heart, your MOM Gloria


Date: 14 Aug 2004

Time: 20:15:01

Remote User: Unknown


Thank you very much for all of this information. I am going to talk to my family about this site and send you as much information as I can find. Thank you again.


Date: 29 Jul 2004

Time: 14:05:06

Remote User: Lee Bjerregaard


Thank you for a great website which I was happy to find. Lee Bjerregaard (great,great grandson of Andrew Bjerregaard) leeb@biology.usu.edu


Date: 21 June 2004

Time: 01:46:06

Remote User: Bjorn Anderson


Kære "familie" Jeg har netop set jeres flotte hjemmeside og har fundet interesse i denne da jeg har familierelationer til Tornvedgaard. I forbindelse med min søgen efter anerne ved jeg, at familien LUUN har været ejer af Tornvedgaard i en periode, hvor jeg kan føre min slægt tilbage til.Jeg skal derfor spørge Jer høfligst om I har et billede af denne Tornvedgaard idet det ikke har været muligt at finde et sådant på internettet. Iøvrigt vil jeg samtidig ønske Eric Carl Bj. 23-6-1955 tillykke med fødselsdagen og kan i den forbindelse oplyse, at han er præcist 10 år yngre end jeg er :o)) På forhånd tak med håb om I må have det ghodt. Mange hilsener bjørn andersen


Date: 07 Jun 2004

Time: 10:23:21

Remote User: Annette Bjerregaard


Hello everyone, Funny to se my familyname on this webside. I don´t know if we are related, but we are a big family in Denmark named Bjerregaard, living in Jylland and around Copenhagen. rgds. Annette Bjerregaard, Vaerloese, Denmark.


Date: 31 May 2004

Time: 23:44:27

Remote User: Lisa Berti


Shon, This is an amazing website. You have done an impressive and thorough job at finding and connecting so many relatives. Wonderful, interesting and so heartfelt! Congratuations! Way to go Bjerregaard. P.S. Once one learns to spell that name, one never forgets! L. Berti l.berti@miis.edu


Date: 20 Feb 2004

Time: 14:02:59

Remote User: John Bjerregaard


Hi Shon, My name is John Bjerregaard. I grew up in Mayfield Utah and now live in South Weber, Utah. My lineage is as follows: Douglas Bjerregaard, Sheldon Bjerregaard, Arthur Bjerregaard, and Andrew Bjerregaard. Your story about the young woman you met at the store in Salt Lake was familar. I heard a similar story years ago from my sister, Barbara. I believe that she may be the young woman to whom you spoke. I have given her this web site address, so you may hear from her soon. Thanks for the web site.


Date: 27 Jan 2004

Time: 18:57:15

Remote User: Elaine Byergo


My name is Elaine Byergo. My father is Keith Byergo in Virginia. He told me about this site about a year ago. It is amazing, to see the reunions and old family. I had never seen a picture of Enoch before. Thank you for doing this web site. The site is very easy to explore and I like to have this space to say hello. I have two sisters Laura married to Mark Willis lives in Indonesia and Barbara married to David White. I am married to John Burghardt and have two childrem Nora, 16 and Keith 13. I kept my maiden name because I knew that it was unique and that if I met any other Byergos they would be related. Now there are more. Elaine.


Date: 18 Jan 2004

Time: 08:35:48

Remote User: James Lee Hyatt


My cousin Shearl Jensen, sent me this about my mothers family. Shearl’s mom is my moms sister. My mother is a Bjerregaard her name is Elaine Hyatt. Her dad was Allen Eugene Bjerregaard. His dad was Andrew Bjerregaard which was my great, great, grandpa. It is so nice to read these things about my family and the genealogy of my moms side. I have always missed my grand parents. I helped my grandpa on the farm when i was a young guy in school. I have always had good memories of my grand parents and my dad. Now they are all gone but my mom is here but maybe not for long she is the last of my family. I wish life would keep going on but there is a end to every thing. My name is James lee Hyatt. My E-mail is samson1@woods-computers.net . Maybe I can hear more of the family Thanks to you, and all. JAMES LEE HYATT


Date: 20 Dec 2003

Time: 15:02:07

Remote User: S.D. Jensen


Hi. My I am the son of Barbara Eugenea Bjerregaard, My Grandfather was Allen Eugene Bjerregaard, his father was Andrew N. Bjergo who was born June 6, 1849, Faulum Aalborg, Denmark, Died April 12, 1932, Ephraim, Utah. His father was Anders Neilson bjergo, born January 22, 1814, Faulum, Aalborg, Denmark.Anders Nielsen Bjerregard's wife was Caroline Matilda Whitlock. There are several different spellings for the Bjerregaard name, Bjergo, Byergo, I hope this will help you out. My name is S.D. Jensen


Date: 13 Dec 2003

Time: 10:21:34

Remote User: Unknown


What a cool find. Thanks for putting all of the information together.


Date: 16 Sep 2003

Time: 20:06:36

Remote User: Joan Nay Bjerregaard


Hi Shon: I was referred to your website by Devere Byergo in Sun City, California. We are probably cousins! I was born and raised in Sanpete County, Utah, and am a great great granddaughter of Andrew & Caroline Bjerregaard. I just returned from a week in Montana with another cousin on this line, working on a Bjerregaard family history. My cousin had some contact with Mr. Byergo, and we phoned him. He told us about your web site---which by the way is great! I am pleased to see that someone has made the tremendous effort you have to put this together. And the connections with the family in Denmark are truly wonderful. My pedigree from me to Andrew N. Bjerregaard is: Joan Nay, Wayne Nay, Ethel Nay Simonsen, Minnie Bjerregaard Simonsen, Andrew & Caroline Bjerregaard. Regards, Joan Nay Bjerregaard cousin


Date: 19 Jul 2003

Time: 09:16:07

Remote User: Dee Byergo


Shon — The pictures you put on the Bjerregaard web of the reunion 2003 are great. I thought you might like to know that in the picture of main street Ephraim the building front on the right is the Bank Andrew Bjerregaard was president of. I don’t think the outside of the building has changed much sense it was built in 1907. D. Byergo


Date: 16 Jun 2003

Time: 21:09:53

Remote User: Keith Byergo


Hi Shon. We have enjoyed the Bjerregaard web sit very much. The history of Anders & Bodil has been quite interesting for our four grand children. They have visited the grave site of the Missouri Byergo's in Barnard, Missouri so know of their Mo. history. We go back to Mo. twice a year for farming. We currently live in Warrenton, Va. which is not all that far form Philly. One suggestion, would it be useful to have sign in for hitting on the Bjerregaard web site? That way you would have a record of who views the site. Best Regards, Keith & MM


Date: 28 Feb 2003

Time: 20:16:11

Remote User: Beth Bjerregaard


Hello Shon,, Saw your page on the web.. thought i'd share our family history.. my grandfather traced it back to when we received the name Bjerregaard. My Grandfather Ove Bjerregaard immigrated to the US in the early 1900s. My father also has a second cousin ( they share the same great grandfather ) Eric Bjerregaard, who has complied an extensive familiy history. He and his family live in Toronto Canada. Just asked my mother to foward me the electronic copy ( it is not complete and doesnt have the latest updates) I seem to have misplaced it... sorry! Where was the Bjerregaard farm in Denmark? Just wondering if it's the same one. My parents have actually visited the original farm.. the house has been wonderfully preserved. Hope to hear from you soon, Beth Bjerregaard.


Date: 18 Feb 2003

Time: 18:18:05

Remote User: Tony Byergo


Good to see the story on Forrest Byergo. He is my uncle, the oldest brother of my father Larry Joseph Byergo, who lives in Kansas City. The third brother, Keith, lives outside Washington DC. Their father was Emmett (sp?), who died in a farming accident in the 1950s as I understand. I believe is a son of Enoch. Scott Byergo would be a second cousin of mine. Tony Byergo abyergo100@comcast.net


Date: 07 Feb 2003

Time: 20:58:29

Remote User: Scott Byergo


My name is Scott Byergo and I live in Columbia, MO. My father is Forrest Stephen Byergo (from Barnard, MO), son of Forrest Byergo (from Maryville, MO). Apparently the family farm which Forrest (my grandfather) lives on and still owns has been in the family over 100 years. I really enjoyed your web site, after I happened upon it searching for "byergo" on google. If I can be of assitance in helping put together any extended geneology information, please let me know. Best Regards, Scott Byergo scott@byergo.com


Date: 03 Feb 2003

Time: 13:40:31

Remote User: Tony Byergo


This is Tony Byergo from Kansas City. I noticed that you included my wife and me on your site. Thanks. Let me provide some more information. I am a lawyer with telecommunications company Sprint. My wife is a psychologist. We were married on November 15, 2002, in Kansas City ... approximately 20 years after we were high school sweethearts growing up here. We had not seen or spoken to each other for almost 12 years when (after our mothers ran into one another and exchanged information), Tammy called me in Michigan, where I then lived. That same day, I was called about an opportunity to join Sprint's legal department !!! Within a few months, we were engaged and I had changed positions and moved to Kansas City. I wasn't going to miss the "second chance" I had been given!!! And with our son Caleb (from her previous husband), she has thoroughly converted me from urban bachelor to suburban family man. Our e-mail is abyergo100@comcast.net. We would love to here from our "extended" family. She is very proud to now be "Dr. Byergo" -- and I am very proud to have her as my wife.


Date: 12 Jan 2003

Time: 12:22:48

Remote User: Dany Bjerregaard


What a great treat for find a Bjerregaard Website! My name is Dany (Danelle) Bjerregaard and I live in SLC, Utah. My dad, Sherman LaMar Bjerregaard works at Hill AFB and found another Bjerregaard in the international directory who told us about this site. I didn't know that Bjerregaard had so many variations and that there were so many of us out there! One of my dream spots to vacation is Denmark, so maybe I will hit up my family to go on July 4th in 2005. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this website. I would enjoy learning more about you and Brent and keeping in contact with you! Thanks, Dany Bjerregaard P.S. I love all the pictures!


Date: 02 Jan 2003

Time: 22:13:20

Remote User: Shon Bjerregaard


Anthony, Thank you for writing. If you would like, you can e-mail me your e-mail address so that you can communicate with other family members. I would like to know more about your branch of the family. Thanks again, Shon


Date: 16 Dec 2002

Time: 21:40:39

Remote User: Tony Byergo


My name is Anthony Barrett Byergo. I was born in Quincy, Illinois on June 29, 1965, to Larry Joseph Byergo (born December 13, 1934) and the former Shirley Jean Lesseg (born July 8, 1940). They were divorced when I was two years old. My father has two brothers -- Keith and Forrest. They were born and raised in Maryville, Missouri. My father has another biological son named Michael Morse. He and I have never met, although we both live in the Kansas City, Missouri, area. I just got married -- my wife is the former Tamara Sue Hill. Your site is very interesting. I will visit again. I may be able to share more info ... things my mother would know. Thanks for your efforts.


Date: 01 Dec 2002

Time: 12:53:34

Remote User: Russell Bjerregaard


Shon Where in world did you get the picture of Mother and Dad? I didn't think anybody had a good picture of them. Where on earth did that picture that was taken in 1958 come from?


Date: 30 Nov 2002

Time: 17:18:48

Remote User: Jim Smith


I found your link from Genealogy.com and this is a really nice website for a family webpage. I keep looking for the catch, and expect something to be for sale or a donation or something. Someone has to be paying for all of this. Maybe you should try some adds to help. Jim Smith


Date: 25 Nov 2002

Time: 21:10:37

Remote User: Byarne Damsgaard


The lineage for our family renunion the following weekend is: Niels Nielsen Bjerregaard (1762-1836) Niels Nielsen (1891 - ?) Niels Christian Nielsen (1820 - ?) Andreas Nielsen Bjerregaard (1856 - ?) Niels Christian Bjerggaard (1881-1933) Four children, four grandchildren, nine ggchildren and at present one gggchild. We will meet in Sweden, since my brother-in-law moved over there. We have rented an old school: http://www.tofta.skola.engelholm.se/lager.html , close to Angelholm in Skaane. Bjarne


Date: 25 Nov 2002

Time: 06:41:35

Remote User: John Bjerregaard


Prøv også at besøge denne hjemmeside www.Bjerregaard.gl


Date: 24 Nov 2002

Time: 19:16:46

Remote User: Gloria Bjerregaard


Shon, what a beautiful job you are doing for all us Bjerregaards. You have brought tears to my eyes quite a few times reading through the site. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.


Date: 24 Nov 2002

Time: 08:55:29

Remote User: Diana Snow


Thanks for the email. It's always great to hear from you. Hi to everyone!!! The trip to Denmark sounds great... I could use a vacation about now... hate to wait 2 years!!! I'd love to see everyone. Diana Snow



Date: 23 Nov 2002

Time: 12:47:42

Remote User: Brent Mitchell


Wow, what a GREAT job you have done Shon. Your family should be proud of all the work you have put in to this. Thanks for all your hard work.



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