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VA Meeting 2005
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VA Meeting 2005
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We are looking for photos of Thomas Nielsen Bjerregaard 1846 and Anne Bjerregaard 1849 Please check with your family to see if they have any photos.


  Byergo / Bjerregaard family meeting 2005

Keith and Mary Margaret Byergo hosted a dinner party at their home in Warrington VA.  The event included Paul Bjerregaard from Denmark and the family in the immediate region.

Our hosts Keith and Mary Margaret Byergo


The Location, Keith and Mary Margaret's Home (Front view)


The Location, Keith and Mary Margaret's Home (back view)


Keith Byergo


From the left, Keith Byergo, Poul Bjerregaard and Shon Bjerregaard


From the left Meagan White, Barbara White, Keith Byergo, Poul Bjerregaard, Shon Bjerregaard and Laura Byergo


One of the beautiful views from the Byergo home.


Another beautiful view from the Byergo home, this one of their pond that includes fish and frogs.


The barn at the Byergo home


The horses, how great is that?


Barbara White and The horses.


From the left Keith Burghardt, Shon Bjerregaard & Elaine Byergo


From the left, Shon Bjerregaard, Keith Burghardt, Barbara White looking at the tree specimen and Elaine Byergo picking fresh rhubarb for rhubarb pie


Keith Byergo after church


Shon Bjerregaard and Keith Byergo


From the left bottom, Laura Byergo, Elaine Byergo, Meagan White, Left middle Mary Margaret, Barbara White, Poul Bjerregaard, Top row Shon Bjerregaard, Keith Burghardt, Keith Byergo.  Missing is John Burghardt,  Thank you John for taking the picture.


The Niels Nielsen Sixth generation at this gathering, Laura Byergo and Elaine Byergo on the bottom row and Barbara White and Poul Bjerregaard on the top row.


The Niels Nielsen Seventh generation at this gathering, Shon Bjerregaard, Keith Burghardt and Megan White


Megan White and John Burghardt


Keith Burghardt, John Burghardt and Elaine Byergo


Paparazzi seem to follow us everywhere...


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