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Velkommen her til vores slægts-informa-tions-center.  Vi er altid på udkig efter mere af vores slægts-historie, så e-mail til mig.

Point of interests

Preparation for the 2016 visit to the Homeland underway.  Hope to see you all in Denmark on the family farm.

Free email addresses for family now available through Bjerregaard Worldwide.  See the "email" link at the top of the page.




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History Updates

September 17th 2006,   Danish church records now available online. 

bulletI've just received these document's from Helle Nielsen in Denmark.  They are now available online giving us incredible access to verify dates in our genealogy. Thank you again Helle.
bullet Anders Nielsen Christening documents
bullet Bodil Kristine Thomsdatter Christening docs
bullet Anders and Bodil's Marriage documents from the Foulum Church
bullet Thomas Andersen Bjerregaard Christening documents


October 31st,  2004,   Very old document found. 

bulletI've just received this document from John Stistrup in Denmark. He is a descendant from Thomas Thomsen as well as we are.

The document is a sort of a speech that was held at funerals. normally they were printed in some numbers and you could buy them, sometimes they were printed in the newspaper.

Thomas Thomsen was Bodil Kristine Thomsdatter's father.

The document which John Stistrup has in original is from 1866. It's very rare to have documents that old.

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Helle Nielsen

March 25th,  2003,   We are from a place in Denmark near Aalborg. 


Would you like to see Aalborg Denmark right now?  Right this very second?  If so, click the link below to see a live video feed.  You can move the camera and view the area if you choose to.  Just click on the picture to move the camera, and remember, this is live.

Live Video feed

January 20th,  2003,   Helle tells me that Anders, Bodil and family attended a famous church.

bulletBefore converting to Mormon's, Anders and Family originally attended  a famous church in Fovlum, Denmark.  It is the first church of its type  "Roman" to be built  in the country.  It was built about 1165.  

bulletHelle informed me that this church is made of marble and granite stone blocks. They have one strange stone that looks like a checker board.  They are not sure why but it adds to the fame.  Helle actually e-mailed the picture below.

January 13th,  2003,   We have the portion of the Westmoreland passenger list that shows Anders, Bodil and family.

bulletRod Sorensen is a descendant of the Sorensen's that crossed the Atlantic with the Bjerregaard's. He had a copy of the passenger list for the ship  Westmoreland.  He was kind enough to scan it for me. 

How strange to think, I bet that our families couldn't have imagined that their descendants after 5 generations would be in contact 146 years after there trip.

December 31st,  2002,   Helle Nielson found Anders and Bodil's traveling information.   Is she the best or what?  Thank you Helle, for all that you have done.

bulletHelle has found a very interesting site, where you can read about the travel information from Denmark to US in 1857. She has found the ships that Bodil and Anders sailed on. They sailed from Copenhagen on April 18th1857, to Grimsby, England on  the ship named L.N.Hvidt with 536 passengers (Mormons). They then took the rail to Liverpool, England where they boarded the ship Westmoreland with 540 passengers (Mormons). After 36 days, the Westmoreland arrived in Philadelphia May 5th 1857.  There they took a train for 8 days to Iowa City, Iowa.  In Iowa they received their wagons and oxen, and headed for the promise land.  The family and their fellow travelers arrived in Salt Lake City September 9th 1857.

You can see the ship, the train, wagon route and many stories on the Sorensen site, that Helle graciously attached. Sorensen Family History Organization  (Click here or on picture below)

The Westmoreland

The Westmoreland


The artist that painted the above painting is a well known Danish / Utah artist named Carl Christian Anton Christensen (1832-1912) Ephraim Utah.  He actually worked as a steward on the Westmoreland and must have served Anders and Bodil.

For more information about this artist and his work please click on the below grey links.

Gospel Art Gallery

Brigham Young University Museum of Art

December 22nd,  2002,   Bjarne shows us the relationship with the two branches of the family that were discovered recently.

(Click on the above picture)

November 13th,  2002,   The Bjerregaard family farm still in family hands today.


I have written to the historical society in Fovlum, Denmark.  Through the mail they sent me information about the Bjerregaard farm.  I actually have a poor picture of the actual building on the farm, see below.  I also have the ownership information from Niels Nielsen to Present.  After Anders left for America, it shows that Anders younger sister, Eleonora Nielsdatter and her husband, Morten Thomsen took ownership.  Next would be their daughter, Kirsten Mortensen and her husband, Kristian Frederik Jensen.   Then their son, Morton Jenson Bjerregaard and his wife, took over.   Followed by their daughter, Elly L. Bjerregaard and her husband, Gustof Kaldrup Nielson took ownership.  Today the farm is owned by their daughter Birthe Bjerregaard Byrjalsen and her husband Søren Byrjalsen.  I am proud to say that the Bjerregaard family farm is still in family hands.  Funny, If I were to be born in the 1900's in Denmark, my name would be "Shon Donson".  Write to me if you would like a hard copy of this information at shon@bjerregaard.us

(Click on Picture to view farm)

October 17th, 2002,   Would you like to see where we are from?


I have found that Anders Nielson Bjerregaard is son of Niels Nielsen.  Anders Nelson Bjerregaard is the one that added the name Bjerregaard.  He most likely changed his name to the name of the farm where he was born.  He later named his own farm Bjergegård (Meaning: Mountain Farm) and is located in Fovlum, Denmark.  Of course to spell it in English, you must have the double "a's". 



(Click for Map)

Gårdnr: 00218

Gårdnavn: Bjerregaard

Matrikelnr: 9a By: Fovlum

Sognenr: 1590

Sogn: Fovlum

Herred: Gislum

Sidetal: 10

Folio: J

Avis: N

Foto: J

Bemærkninger: Dansk Slægtsgaardsforenings oplysningsskema. Folketælling.


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