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This is the part of the website that adds the personality.  We want to hear about the specifics of family members.


  The sister that Bodil left behind to go to America

Hi Shon

First I should say hello to you from Bjarne Damsgaard, who gave me the link to your Bjerregaard site.  I'm so glad that I have found the family in the US.  We have been looking for you some time now !!

Well, I'm the great great great great great ... granddaughter of Thomas Thomsen and his wife Kirsten Mogensdatter. Their daughter Bodil Kirstine who is yours great, great....grandmother is sister to my great, great, great....grandmother Bodil Marie. So very far back we are related.

I do have a lot of information from this site of the family. My mother and I have been working with genealogy for the last year and have found lots of interesting things concerning my side of the  Bjerregaard family. I have always been very close to the Bjerregaard's in Fovlum. I have seen the farm 2 times and have some pictures related to this farm. If you want me to scan these I'll be delighted to.

My mom and I have been part of a project with the archives and television here in DK. You can see some of it on the website www.paasporetafslaegten.dk

Unfortunately I'm not an expert concerning homepages and so on. But I have a dream that next year I will be so lucky to make one.....  Until then I have to write everything down the old way.

Oh I think I forgot to tell you my name and so on; I'm Helle Nielsen, 39 years old. Mariied with Henrik and we have 2 sons. Jonas, 15 and Theis 10 years old. We live on the island Sjælland in a town called Holbæk.

I have been working with genealogy for almost a year now and have found so many interesting things. Among this I have been so lucky to get in contact with family in Colorado and a lot of other nice people. I will write the information down for you Shon if you want to. I do have more names to your family tree.

Well I'm happy to have met you and your family. Please give them all my best.

I think your idea of visiting Denmark is a wonderful idea. I would love to meet you all and I'll be delighted to help with the visit. Just let me know.

Be back soon


PS : I'm attaching 2 pictures. One is me working with genealogy on a farm in Jutland. My mother is next to me.

The other is my mum, me and the family.  This is from a family party we held this summer.

Helle Nielsen

Better picture of the farm and information on family and Migration

Well, I will have to put all this information into my GEDCOM program, but my computer has been down for some weeks now, and I haven't had the time to put it in since then.  Lucky for me that I've saved everything !!

First time I've came across your ancestor Anders Nielsen and his wife Bodil Kirstine (1817) is in the emigration record online from the Scandinavian mission, where the family left as Mormons.

They left in spring 1857 on the ship Westmorland, with the Aalborg conference. They left with the children; Else Kirstrine 17, Ane Kirstine 17, Niels 14, Thomas 10, Ane 7, Anders 5, Enoch 2 and Mikkel 1.

Anders Nielsen is not related to my ancestors and the only thing I know is that he had a sister Eleonora and a brother Peder. I have the information concerning the farm as well from the “slægtsgårdsarkiv” like you and Bjarne Damsgaard.

I have them mentioned as well in a sort of will, when Bodil Kirstines father died in 1866.

Just to make things easier I will give Bodil Kirstine number 1. Her father 2, her mother 3 and then you just double up, so Bodil Kirstines fathers father will get number 4 and so on.

2.: Thomas Thomassen. Also called Thomas Stistrup. Born in Stistrup 1784, died 23.9.1866. Married first time 24.1.1813 with Kirsten Mogensdatter born in Ullits 1784, died 2.1.1827. The couple got 9 children. Among them Bodil Kirstine and my Bodil Marie. Married second time 1.7.1827 with Ane Christensdatter. This couple got 8 children.

3.: Kirsten Mogensdatter born 1784, died 2.1.1827.

4.: Thomas Nielsen born in Grønnerup 1750, died in Stistrup 5.8.1784. This Thomas died by drowning before his son Thomas was born. Married Bodil Mortensdatter 1776.

5.: Bodil Mortensdatter born in Stistrup 1743, died 1817. Married second time 1784 with Christen Pedersen (no children)

6.: Mogens Andersen born in Ullits 1750, died 22.5.1821.

7.: Bodil Christensdatter born in Skoue, Lovns 1746, died in Ullits 1814.

8.: Niels Madsen born in Grønnerup 1714, died 20.5.1781. Married with Anne Christensdatter.

9.: Anne Christensdatter born 1714, died 14.3.1802.

10.: Morten Hansen born in Stistrup 15.1.1714, died 22.10.1775. Married with Johanne Jensdatter.

11.: Johanne Jensdatter born in Stistrup 1707, died 6.3.1785.

20.: Hans Pedersen born in Stistrup 1683, died 1767. Married Pernille Christensdatter.

21.: Pernille Christensdatter born 1683, died 1781 (98 years old !!)

22.: Jens Sørensen

23.: Ane Cathrine

When I put all this into my program I will put some more into it. Children and so on. I do have more names.

To go the other way around:

Your ancestor Bodil Kirstine and my Bodil Marie were sisters. They had 7 siblings from their fathers first marriage and 9 from his second. That means lots of descendants !!!

My Bodil Marie married Jens Christian Christiansen. The couple got 7 children and among them my great-great-grandfather Thomas. His siblings: Ane, Kristian Frederik, Søren, Kristiane, Maren and Kresten.

Bodil Kirstine and Bodil Marie had a brother Morten born 1815. As a child he came to his mothers brother Anders Mogensen who lived on the farm Bjerregaard. Morten married Eleonora Nielsdatter, a sister to your Anders Nielsen. Morten and Eleonora got a daughter Kirsten Mortensdatter. This Kirsten married her cousin Christian Frederik who is my great-great-grandfather Thomas´ brother.

This couple had 7 children. Their oldest son Morten Bjerregaard's descendants are still living on the farm Bjerregaard. His brother Søren married a cousin Stine who is my great-grand-mothers sister and my grandmothers aunt.

Confused ??? I do understand that !!! I'm as well.

Well this Morten Bjerregaard and his younger brother Søren has always been close to my grandmother Jenny and her siblings.

My great-grandfather Thomas Jensen must be a cousin to your Bodil Kirstine, right ?

I'm attaching some of the photos, more will come later.


Helle Nielsen


Click on the above pictures to view full screen

I have found a very interesting site, where you can read a lot of the travel information from Denmark to US as Mormons in 1857. I have found the ship that Bodil and Anders sailed with. They left Copenhagen 18.4.1857, the ships name from Denmark : L.N.Hvidt with 536 passengers (Mormons). The name of the ship arriving US : Westmoreland with 540 passengers. The ship arrived in Philadelphia 31.5.1857. The Mormons arrived in Salt Lake City 13.9.1857.

You can see the ship, the train, many stories and so on on the site, that I've attached. I hope it's going to work ok.

Enjoy reading the exciting stories.

Bye for now


Helle Nielsen


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