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Family in Denmark
Family in US
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We depend on you.  Please send us photos of any family member.  We would like to share faces and names with the world


We are looking for photos of Thomas Nielsen Bjerregaard 1846 and Anne Bjerregaard 1849 Please check with your family to see if they have any photos.


  Family in the United States
Sonja Cole coloring an Easter egg during their Utah visit in the spring of 2009


Richard Cole, Noah Stephenson and Shon Bjerregaard during Easter in Utah 2009


Sonja Cole, Shon Bjerregaard, Noah Stephenson, Richard Cole and Rafael Alvarado at the dance club during the Coles Utah visit in the spring of 2009


Richard and Sonja Cole dancing and having a great time at club Babylon during their Utah spring visit 2009


Richard Cole and Shon Bjerregaard in Big Cottonwood canyon, Utah.  Picture taken in April 2009




Sonja and Richard Cole.  Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah.  April 2009



Don and Gloria Bjerregaard's Golden Wedding Anniversary

Album created by Kathleen Torres

November 2008, Daybreak, South Jordan, Utah



Five generations

Picture taken May 20th 2008. Top: Ralph Matern, Riki Rice

Bottom: Debbie Matern, Eileen Matern, Brynlee Marie Rice and Mark Rice



Brynlee Marie Rice, Mark and Lindsay Rice's baby today.

Isn't she adorable?


Mark and Lindsay Rice had their baby on Thursday. (actually Linz did all the hard work LOL) Anyway here is the info: Brynlee Marie Rice born: May 3, 2007 weight: 6 lbs 9 oz length: 18 inches

Dad, Mom and Baby are all home and doing well. And I must say she is a BEAUTIFUL little baby.  Riki Rice




The American Visitors


Back - Mark Willis, Laura Byergo, Gary Arnoldson, Rinda Thompson, Elaine Byergo, Shon Bjerregaard, Barbara White.  Front - LaRane Arnoldson, Mary Margaret Byergo, Keith Byergo, Marlin Don Bjerregaard, Gloria Bjerregaard


The Totem is located at the city park in Ephraim, Utah

The plaque reads







From left to right, Keith Byergo and wife Mary Margaret Byergo, Andy Byergo and wife Marcia, Forrest Byergo and wife Mary Byergo


Keith and Forrest Byergo


Devere and Pat Byergo


This is Sheldon and wife Edna Bjerregaard.  Sheldon is the grandson of Andrew Niels Bjerregaard.  This photo was taken July 2004 celebrating Sheldon's 90th birthday. 

September 20th, at his home in Mayfield Utah.


This is Sheldon and wife Edna Bjerregaard and family.  Devere identified who he could.  Middle of the picture seated, Sheldon and Edna, right of Sheldon looking at picture, their daughter Marsha and husband Clair Nielson, their son Richard and wife Sharon holding blond little girl, left of Edna looking at picture, their soon Douglas and wife Mary Ann, and their son Clair.  Picture was taken in Mayfield, Utah July 2004 celebrating Sheldon's 90th birthday


This is Forrest and wife Mary Byergo and children.  Forrest is the grandson of Enoch Byergo.  Looking at picture left to right back.  Jeffery Rex, Joseph Brett, Virginia Lynn, Forrest Stephen, Marabeth, Russell Andrew. Front looking at picture left to right. Sue Ellen, Mary, Forrest, Trudy Gaile.


This is Forrest and wife Mary Byergo.  Photo taken at Joseph Brett's farm north of Kansas City, Missouri


Standing in back Devere Byergo, seated left to right looking at picture, Larry Joseph Byergo, Forrest Byergo.  All three are grandsons of Enoch Byergo.


All of the children of Marlin and Gladys from Ephraim Utah

From left to right, back row, LaRane Arnoldson (Bjerregaard), Eileen Matern (Bjerregaard), JoAnn Kerr (Bjerregaard), From left to right, front row, Don Bjerregaard, Perry Bjerregaard and Russell Bjerregaard


From left to right, starting with the back row, Diana Snow (Matern), Rinda Thompson, (Arnoldson), Gladys Bjerregaard (Petersen), Eileen Matern (Bjerregaard), LaRane Arnoldson (Bjerregaard), Gloria Bjerregaard (Crane), Ora Mae Bjerregaard (Funk) and in front Angie Bjerregaard


JoAnn Kerr (Bjerregaard) Taken in the 9th grade.


James Bjerregaard taken at Kodachrome Park in Utah 1983


Gloria Crane (Bjerregaard) taken for School in 1956


Don Bjerregaard taken on Honeymoon 1958 



Don Bjerregaard and Gloria Crane taken in 1957 before marriage.
Anthony Byergo and his wife Tamara Sue Hill, PHD had their second child last June 17. Samantha is now fast approaching her first birthday. Picture above, since I'm sure our extended family will enjoy looking at one of the newest (perhaps the newest?) addition.


From the left, Russell, Eileen, LaRane, Perry and Don

At the 2004 Utah reunion


The Bjerregaard's that were available for the picture.



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