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This is the part of the website that adds the personality.  We want to hear about the specifics of family members.


  We have a lot more relatives than we thought..

Hi Shon, My name is Devere Byergo the grandson of Enoch Bjerregaard/Byergo. I have compiled a Bjerregaard history from the parents and 8 children that came to the US from Denmark. I will list the parents and 8 children for you. There were 9 children but one died in Denmark.

Parents: Anders Bjerregaard B: 01/25/1814 Denmark D: 11/26/1888 MO. Bodil Thomasen: B: 10/08/1817 Denmark D: 04/22/1902 MO.

Children: Elsie Bjerregaard: B: 11/11/1839 Denmark D: 02/06/1911 Ut. Larus Christensen: B: 08/02/1825 Denmark D: 06/16/1909 Ut.

Andrew N. Byergo: B: 03/08/1842 Denmark D: 11/23/1912 MO. Johanne Bertelsen: B: 12/29/1848 Denmark D: 08/17/1939 MO.

Annie K. Bjerregaard: B: 08/02/1844 Denmark D: 03/23/1906 MO. Henry Beal: B: 04/30/1835 NY D: 02/21/1911 Ut.

Thomas Bjerregaard: B: 08/16/1846 Denmark D: 09/04/1911 Ut. Anne Schwalbe: B: 02/09/1851 Denmark D: 01/18/1939 Ut.

Andrew Bjerregaard: B: 05/12/1848 Denmark D: 11/08/1850 Den.

Stennie Bjerregaard: B: 05/11/1849 Denmark D: 08/24/1884 Ut. Rasmus Rasmussen: B: 02/16/1845 Denmark D: 04/19/1908 Ut.

Andrew N. Bjerregaard: B: 06/06/1851 Denmark D: 04/12/1932 Ut. Caroline Whitlock: B: 02/01/1857 Ut. D: 10/06/1930 Ut.

Enoch Byergo: B: 01/03/1853 Denmark D: 05/12/1942 MO. Virginia Whorton: B: 11/23/1860 MO. D: 12/31/1943 MO.

Michel Byergo: B: 09/29/1855 Denmark D: 09/15/1942 MO. Hannah Christensen: B: 01/22/1866 ??? D: 02/27/1900 MO.

This should help on getting the children straight. I have much much more history on each family. Way to much to type in a letter. When the name was changed is not known for sure but there are many more spellings. Bjerregaard, Byiargor, Byergo, Beergo. I think it was changed to Byergo around 1890 but by who is not known.

Devere Bjerregaard/Byergo


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