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This is the part of the website that adds the personality.  We want to hear about the specifics of family members.


  The story of Andrew N. Byergo.


Andrew Niels Byergo

Born: 03/08/1842 in Nordjylland, Denmark

Married: 06/11/1864 in Ephraim, Utah

Died: 11/23/1912 in Barnard, MO

Notes: Changed name to Byergo




Niels was 15 years old when he came to the United States and settled in Utah.  Family were converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Neils was 24 years old when he, his wife and first child, who was 4 hours old, left for Missouri.  Child died during the last part of the trip.  The child was born 05/07/1866 and they had to leave soon after, in the night, so as not to have a confrontation with church officials.  Andrew had been told to practice polygamy which he refused because he loved his wife, Johannah to much.  This meant they had to leave without anyone knowing.  More about this part of their life in Johanne's memo.

His wife Johanne Helene Byergo

Johanne Helene Bertelsen

Born: 12/29/1848 in Starrup Viborg, Denmark

Married: 06/11/1864 in Ephraim, Utah

Died: 08/17/1939 in Barnard, Missouri

Notes: Johannah, Johanna Lenna, Johanne Helene.  Called Lene.

Johannah as a baby was given to her mother's youngest brother, John Larsen and his wife Anne, to raise because her parents had to many children and John and his wife had none.  Johanne thought of them as parents.

John and Anne being converts to the Mormon Church and being persecuted in Denmark for doing this, decided to go to Utah, along with a large number of Danish People.  Leaving January 1853 Joanne, her Uncle, Aunt (considered parents) and older sister, Johanne Bolette (Lette) Bertelsen, started to the United States by way of England.  On New Years Day, 01/01/1854 they sailed from Liverpool England for American and Arrived in New Orleans 02/1854, went up river to St. Louis, landed there on 04/01/1854 after three months of traveling.  Picking up OX drawn covered wagons and supplies (outfitting) headed accross country for Sal Lake City, Utah, arriving there on 10/05/1854.  Brigham Young (the Mormon leader) sent Johanne and family to Ephraim, Utah. (Fort Ephram).  Her Johanne met, fell in Love and married Andrew N. Bjerregaard. (at that time his name was spelled Byiargor) This marriage was not witht eh blessing of her uncle John, but he had to go along with it.  Love conquers all.

Time passed and Niels was requested, by the church, to practice polygamy.  This he could not do because he loved Johanne to much.  This meant they could not stay in Utah, and it was a poor time to leave because Johanne was pregnant.  Niels knew they had to leave as soon as possilbe.  So on 05/07/1866, 4 hours after the birth of their first baby, in the night as not have a confrontation with church officals, thery left for Missouri where Neils parents had gone earlier because of a disagreement with the church over polygamy and land ownership.  On 08/31/1866 at Savannah Missouri the baby, Mary Elizabeht, died and was buried.  This was within 25 minles of their destination of Guilford and Barnard, Missouri area. 

Johanne's Uncle Johns's first wife Anne died while she was living with them.  He then married her sister, Eliza, and Johanne eventually thought of her as mother.  They moved to Missouri after Johanne and Niels and lived our their lives there.  They are buried in Barnard, Missouri.  Some record show Johannah and Andrew being married on 01/11/1864.  The date 06/11/1864 was taken from Johannah's 88th birthday celebration article in St. Joseph, Missouri paper.  Also the death date on her gravestone is 1938 but this is said to be incorrect by Lavota Jobe Keck who is her granddaughter.

There is a great deal more written about the life history of Johanne and her sisters in a stry called, "A Doxen Good Danish People Who Deserve to be Remembered", written by, "The Bertelsen Committe".  Lavota Jobe Keck had a copy of this story and she bave it to her cousin Robert (Bob) Byergo who gave me, Devere Byergo, a copy.  This family history is so well written, and so interesting that once you start reading it you cannot put it down until you are finished.

His Child Elias N. Byergo

Child: Elias N. Byergo

Born: 02/21/1868 in Guilford, Nodway, Missouri

Note: had no children

His Child John Nelson Byergo

Child: John Nelson Byergo

Born: 12/29/1871 in Guilford, Missouri

Married: 12/27/1904, Axtell, Kansas

Died: 12/07/1948 in San Antonio, Texas

John and family lived in small towns in north eastern Nebraska.  They wer O'Neill, Page, Randolph and Walthill.  He worked as a depot agent for the C.B.&O. railroad.  he also worked as a railroad agent in St. Joseph, Missouri.  In 1925 John lived in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

John played the trumpet in a three peice orchestra called "The Rose-Byergo Orchestra" around 1900. 

His Child Eliza Kirstine Byergo

Child: Eliza Kirstine Byergo

Born: 08/27/1874 in Guilford, Missouri

Married 03/18/1906 in Guilford, Missouri

Died: 02/11/1971 in St. Joseph Misouri

Eliza lived in in Guildford (old town) husband had a business in Guildford (new town).  Eliza and Sam's first child, Son, Born 08/17/1908 and died 08/17/1908.

His Child Arletta C. Byergo

Child: Arletta C. Byergo

Born: 12/03/1877 in Guilford, Missouri

Married: 10/12/1902 in Guilford, Missouri

Died: 12/01/1925 in Guilford, Missouri

Note:  Found another name, Bolatty Kirstine 10/01/1902 another marriage date.

His Child Andrew N. (Andy) Byergo

Child: Andrew N. Byergo

Born: 02/19/1880 in Guilford Missouri

Died: 01/20/1908 in Jersey City, New Jersey

Note:  Andrew was never married. Buried in Barnard Missouri.  Gollowing taken from Bertelsen family history.

On the 20th day of January A. N. Byergo was killed while on a trip in the east.  He was in the employment of the Hathaway Produce Company and was on his eleventh trip to New Yrok with a car of poultry,when in Jew Jersy City he went to cross the switch yards at night, from his car to the place where the poultry is unloaded, and was run down by a switch engine.

His Child Mary Elizabeth Byergo

Child: Mary Elizabeth Byergo

Born: 07/26/1883 in Barnard, Missouri

Died: 09/19/1886 in Guilford, Missouri

Notes: She only lived to be 3 years old and 2 months

His Child Frederick (Fred) Harrison Byergo

Child: Frederick Harrison Byergo

Born: 05/22/1888 in Barnard, Missouri

Married: 01/10/1909

Died: 002/22/1962 in Rockford, Illinois

Note:  Fred also lived in Galesburg, Illinois

Devere Byergo



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