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  The story of Andrew Nielsen Bjerregaard.

 Andrew Neilsen Bjerregaard

Born: 06/06/1851 in Nordjylland,Denmark

Married: 11/22/1876 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Died: 04/12/1932 in Ephraim,Utah

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Copy of Andrew's death certificate on file in the Utah State Dept. of health, issued on April 22, 1965, lists birth date as 06/06/1849 and head stone at Ephraim, UT. Cemetery has same date. This date cannot be correct because he has a sister born 05/11/1849.

Andrew and Caroline (Betsy) had 31 grandchildren, as of 1991 15 are alive. Andrew was 6 yrs. old when family came to U.S. and Utah and 15 yrs. old when mother and father left Utah and went to Missouri.

Andrew was murdered on the 12 April 1932 by a Menden Draper. He was 81 yrs. old. A short story was written and published on his life. See the "Dauntless Dane" page.

Andrew was 25 yrs. old and Betsy was 19 yrs. old when they were married. Andrew had a very interesting life, accumulating what was considered a fortune in his time.

Starting young he worked to make enough money to buy a team of oxen to pull a freight wagon and haul freight from Ephraim, Utah to Pioche, Nevada. This was a fast growing mining community, in the 1870`s, requiring a vast amount and variety of supplies. Andrew was one of many freight haulers. Their problems were numerous, such as rough trails, weather, breakdowns and bandits.

A story was told about Andrew having wagon wheels made with secret compartments in them for him to put his money in just in case he was robbed. The freighters used two trails, one came up from St. George, Utah and the other was the Mormon Road from Salt Lake City, Utah. This road or trail was used by the Mormons who were sent to settle San Bernardino, California.

Andrew picked up the Mormon Road somewhere around Levan, Utah, following it to where the Pioche/Salt Lake road branched off to Pioche, Nevada. This path that Andrew took was deducted from a thesis, (Mule Skinners and Bull Whackers) written by Jack R. Mathews. I, D. Byergo have a copy of this Thesis.

Andrew used profits from his freight hauling venture to buy land in Sanpete county Utah. This land was used to graze large herds of cattle on. Many times cattle were shipped, by rail, to Kansas City, Missouri for sale. Andrew would go with the cattle, taking some of his family with him, and visit his mother, oldest brother and two youngest brothers who lived in Nodaway County, Missouri, north of K.C., Mo..

Next to the youngest brother was my grandfather, who road a mule from Utah to Whitesville, MO. when parents came to Missouri from Utah. Andrew, becoming a man of means, started the Bank in Ephraim, Utah and this bank is in business today, 2003. (Here is a story about Andrew. I do not remember it word for word.

Andrew and a person was sitting by the bank talking and watching the cars going up and down the street. This person said, Andrew with all your money why don`t you buy yourself a car. Andrew was a horse man. He said, why should I, I own almost all of the cars in this town now. He laughed. The cars were being financed through his bank.)

Andrew was murdered by his youngest daughters boy friend, ending the life of a man that was so interesting a story was written about him. Story called "THE DAUNTLESS DANE OF SANPETE COUNTY" written by Donald F. Kraack who lives in Salt Lake City. Story was published in Saga magazine.

When Andrew was 18 yrs. old he went to the Laying of The Last Rail at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory May 10/1869. This was when the first transcontinental railroad was completed. In the pictures taken at that time we believe we can pick out Andrew Bjerregaard. Supported by verbal family records it is believed that Andrew visited and possibly stayed with his sister, the oldest child in the family, who lived in Brigham City, Utah at that time. This is probably the last he ever saw her.

Andrew and Betsy had one child die young.

Kathrine, Katie

Born: 01/23/1888 or 06/22/1888 Ephraim, Utah.

Died 04/15/1891 Ephraim, Utah.

In the spring of 1994 visited Barbera Bjerregaard Jensen. She said that Andrew freighted for a company by the name of Livingston & Kinkaid who hauled freight to the mines in Nevada.

There has been some question as to whether Andrew started the bank in Ephraim and if it was started in the building it is now in. This building was erected in 1907. Most believe Andrew and other men, how many not known, started the Bank and it may have been in another building.

The building now used has been the Bank sense it was built. It has been remodeled many times. Andrew became president of the Bank around 1915 to 1917 and held that position until his death in 1932.

Here is more information found about the bank in July of 1996. Bank was started in 1905 by a number of Ephraim business men, Andrew Bjerregaard being one of them. In 1907 a new building was completed and Bank moved into it. This is where it has been to this day.

Following are the names of the first six presidents:

  1. L.M. Olsen
  2. I.F. McCafferty
  3. Andrew Bjerregaard
  4. Andrew Christensen
  5. F.H. Rasmussen
  6. R.C. Armstrong.

During trip to Utah in 1996 more information on Andrew given to me. One being the story published in True Detective Mysteries in 1935 about Andrew's murder.

The second is the District Court document on the partial distribution of Andrew's estate. It is interesting to note that what is considered wealth in 1932 would not buy very much today, 1996.

One day in July 1998 I, D. Byergo, found three books in the Sun City, CA. Library on Utah history. In one of these books was a short article about freighting. This article mentioned Andrew Bjerregaard and putting 2 and 2 together explained how he started freighting and why he went to York, UT. (now Mona, UT.) to purchase oxen.

A particle copy of this article is in his history documents.

Further research at the L.D.S. Genealogical Library in Sun City, CA. adds more information to paragraph above. It was found that the person Niels Thompson in the article, his first wife, Caroline Schwalbe, had a sister, Anne Schwalbe, who was married to Andrew's brother Thomas Bjerregaard.

Niels Thompson known of through family ties and by going with him on freighting trips gave Andrew the opportunity to learn the freighting business.

July 1999 I, Devere Byergo and wife Pat, went on a trip to Utah.

Stopped to visit with Sheldon Bjerregaard. I asked Sheldon if he knew who Andrew stayed with when his parents left Utah and went to Missouri. He thought it was his sister, Annie K., who was married to Henry Beal.

His wife Caroline Metilda Whitlock

Spouse: Caroline Metilda Whitlock

Born: 02/01/1857 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 11/22/1876 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Died: 10/06/1930 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Notes: Caroline was called BETSY.

Mother: Nora Maybell Bjerregaard

Born: 08/30/1878 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 07/06/1898 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Died: 08/08/1935 in Salina, Sanpete, Utah

Nara, Nora Born: 08/30/1877 Ephraim, Utah Died: 06/26/1935 Salina, Utah Buried: 06/29/1935 Ephraim, Utah.

These dates may be correct. Dates in personal record were taken from County Recorders Office in Ephraim.

Nora and Toot had three children die young.

bulletEarl Waltermar Born: 11/25/1898 Died: 12/04/1898 Ephraim, Utah,
bulletMabel Born: 11/14/1905 Died: 03/08/1906 Ephraim, Utah,
bulletVera Montess Born: 02/04/1907 Died: 04/07/1907 Ephraim, Utah.

Spouse: Kenute W. Neilson

Born: 03/26/1877 in Ephriam, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 07/06/1898 in Ephriam, Sanpete, utah

Died: 12/16/1936 in Salina, Utah

Canute, Kenute (TOOT) Waltmore Nielson Neilson. Toot never cut his hair. He rolled it up on top of his head and held it in place with large hair pins. Toot was a stone mason and built a lot of buildings in Salina, Utah. Toot and Nora lived at Axtell and Salina, Utah. Toot was buried: 12/19/1936 Ephriam, Sanpete, Utah.

Toot and Nora had children die young.

Toot`s father was Andrew Christian Nielson Sr. and mother was Maren Kristine Larsen Anderson.

Father: Charles Andrew Bjerregaard

Born: 11/10/1879 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 05/08/1901 in Ephraim, Sanpete, UT.

Died: 08/29/1946 in Axtell, Sanpete, Utah

Charles and Marinda had two children die when infants.

Names in Marinda's memo. Have a picture of Charlie visiting family in Missouri. Picture has his father mother, brother Arther and maybe his wife.

Spouse: Marinda Amelia Anderson

Born: 09/13/1881 in Ephraim, Sanpete, UT.

Married: 05/08/1901 in Ephraim, Sanpete, UT.

Died: 05/16/1927 in Axtel, Sanpete, UT.

Notes: Called (Rindy)

Marinda and Charles had two children die when infants.

Names were

bulletAleda Born: 02/16/1904 Axtell, UT. Died: 01/22/1905 Axtell, UT..
bulletCharles Devere Born: 02/20/1905 Axtell, UT. Died: 05/27/1908 Axtell, UT..

Mother: Ruth Annie Bjerregaard

Born: 10/03/1881 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 05/25/1903 in Manti, Sanpete, UT.

Died: 05/16/1972 in Nephi, Utah

I, D. Byergo have two pictures taken in Levan, Utah canyon that I think are of Ruth Annie and Lawrence and other people who may be family. I have found no one who can confirm this.

Anderson home in Nephi still standing in July/1996.

Another Birth and death date found for Ruth Annie, B: 10/22/1882 D: 09/26/1969.

Spouse: Lawrence Peter Anderson

Born: 12/18/1881 in Aarhus, Denmark

Married: 05/25/1903 in Manti, Sanpete, UT.

Died: 09/24/1949 in Nephi, Utah

Lawrence or Laurence and Ruth Annie lived at Nephi, Utah. Lawrence died of Cancer in the Salt Lake City Holy Cross Hospital. Anderson home in Nephi, UT. is still standing in 1996.

Mother: Mennie Matilda Bjerregaard

Born: 08/30/1883 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 09/05/1904 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Died: 04/25/1969 in Axtell, Sanpete, Utah

Notes: Bjerregaard/Byergo same name Mennie died in Gunnison, UT. hospital and buried in Ephraim Park Cemetery. Another marriage date: 09/05/1903.

Spouse: William Christian Simonsen

Born: 10/23/1884 in

Married: 09/05/1904 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Died: 08/28/1967 in Axtell, Sanpete, Utah

Father: Arther James Bjerregaard

Born: 08/30/1885 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 04/06/1910 in Manti, UT.

Died: 03/14/1956 in Mayfield, Sanpete, Utah

I, D. Byergo have pictures of Arther his father and other family members when they were back in Missouri visiting.

Arther and Kattie had a child die young, Linda Born: 10/01/1924 Died: 11/19/1937.

Another marriage date: 04/11/1910.

Spouse: Katie Christina (Kate) Hendricksen

Born: 07/06/1890 in Mayfield, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 04/06/1910 in Manti, UT.

Died: 09/05/1971 in Richfield, Utah

Katie's father is Andrew Hendricksen and mother is Mary Christina Sorensen.

Mother: Jennie B. Bjerregaard

Born: 03/13/1890 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 08/03/1908 in Manti, UT.

Died: 08/28/1924 in Salina, Sevier, UT.

Jennie was 18 yrs. old and Elmer was 19 yrs. old when they married. Another Birth Date: 03/18/1890.

Spouse: Elmer Alfred Poulson

Born: 02/01/1889 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 08/03/1908 in Manti, UT.

Died: 04/15/1974 in Provo, Utah, UT.

After Jennie died Elmer married a Myrtle Marie Rosetta born 11/14/1893 in Mayfield, UT. and they married 02/10/1926, where not known.

Father: Furguson (Furg) Bjerregaard

Born: 02/23/1893 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 04/20/1913 in Nephi, Juab, UT.

Died: 08/15/1968 in S.L.C., UT. Bur: Ephraim, UT.

Furg and Ellereeves (Ella were both 21 yrs. old when they were married. Furg married Myrtle Lake, Dodge, 07/14/1947 Salt Lake City.

Furg's two sons, Roy and Allen, found his father, Andrew, the morning after he was murdered. Furg, after being told by his sons that his father was lying on the floor in the kitchen of his home, went to investigate and found him dead. He could see that he had been beaten and burned severely so he called the authorities. It was found that Andrew had been murdered by a Mendon Draper. Accounts of this murder and trial of accused, Mendon Draper, was published in the local paper and I, Devere Byergo, have a copy of the article. More in Allen and Roy's memos.

In family history received from John Allen Roberts new dates were found.

Born: 02/23/1891 Mar: 04/28/1914 & 04/21/1914.

Spouse: Frances Ellereeve Shand

Born: 04/21/1893 in Manti, Utah

Married: 04/20/1913 in Nephi, Juab, UT.

Died: 01/27/1946 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

She was a daughter of David Francis Shand and Petrea Bergitte Steck.

Father: Allen E. Bjerregaard

Born: 07/09/1895 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 09/12/1917 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Died: 09/22/1975 in Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah

Allen Eugene (Gene) was 22 yrs. old and Deveda was 18 yrs. old when they married.

I, Devere Byergo, my father Glenn Byergo and my brother inlaw C.O. Ward went deer hunting with Gene and his son, Shirley Lamar, around 1950. We had a great time but a poor hunt, no deer. This was the second time I had seen Gene and the one and only time I saw Shirley.

I met Gene a few weeks before when we made arrangements for the hunt. Dad liked Gene very much, I guess because they were the same age. Give a few months. Of course I met Deveda and I liked and enjoyed visiting with all of them. I feel bad that I never went to see them again. In 1940 my dad`s sister, Ethel, and his brother`s son, Forrest, came to Utah from Missouri to visit the relation. I have pictures of them with Gene, Deveda and Shirly.

Spouse: DaVeda Kisty Johnson

Born: 07/14/1899 in Ephriam, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 09/12/1917 in Ephriam, Sanpete, Utah

Died: 06/13/1982 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Mother: Joydell (Ivadell) Bjerregaard

Born: 11/05/1897 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 08/25/1914 in Ephraim, Utah

Died: 10/16/1984 in Reno, Nevada

Joydell and Lester had three sons die in infancy. Their names were Lester, Von, and Glenn. Joydell and Lester were divorced at the time of Andrew Bjerregaard's murder.

In May of 1993 the following information on Joydell was given to us by her daughter, Ora. After Uncle Andrew's death in 1932, Joydell moved to Nevada with Frank Draper, (Mendons brother) and her youngest daughter, Le Ree. Her sons , Moyle, Robert, and older daughter , Ora, moved to Southern California.

The boys lived in Los Angeles with their father and grandparents and Ora stayed with a Aunt and Uncle, Zella and Harold Rice in North Hollywood.

Some years later Joydell married a Tom Golick and settled in Reno, Nevada. He was a pipe fitter by trade. She died in Reno at the age of 87 years old.

Spouse: William Lester Jensen

Born: 09/19/1894 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married: 08/25/1914 in Ephraim, Utah

Died: 08/06/1973 in Ephraim, Utah

Devere Byergo


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