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Velkommen her til vores slægts-informa-tions-center.  Vi er altid på udkig efter mere af vores slægts-historie, så e-mail til mig.

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Preparation for the 2012 International family reunion underway.  Hope to see you all in Denmark on the family farm.

Free email addresses for family now available through Bjerregaard Worldwide.  See the "email" link at the top of the page.




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About the host



My name is Shon D Bjerregaard.   I am the great, great, great, great, great grandson of Niels Sorensen (Bjerregaard). I am the youngest son of Marlin Don and Gloria Nan Bjerregaard.  I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America.  I have lived in Okinawa, Japan. Tokyo, Japan. Newport Beach, CA. Santa Ana, CA. Medford, NJ, Philadelphia, PA and I now live in South Jordan, UT.  Click here to see a map  I work for a major medical distributing company called Henry Schein.  www.henryschein.com   I finance the dental and animal Health equipment that our company sells. 

What the Bjerregaard name means to me is pride, integrity, kindness and giving.  I know that I was placed into this family for a reason.  I feel that reason is because they are the only ones that could help me handle my challenges in life.  To stand beside me through good times and bad.  To accept me for who I am and to be proud of my accomplishments.  If you are a part of this family in any way, you will never stand alone.

To contact  me about this site,

Shon D Bjerregaard

c/o Bjerregaard Worldwide

11457 South Wexford Way

South Jordan, UT 84009

Phone 801.824.8499




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